St. John's Organ Project

St. John's Organ Project


We have raised $65,873 of our $70,000 goal!

This masterpiece of organ building has been at St. John’s since 1991. After twenty-five years, it is time for some care and maintenance to preserve the instrument. St. John’s is working to raise $70,000 to accomplish the St. John's Organ Project. This will allow the needed maintenance and refurbishment to take place, with a few additional pipes to aid in service playing and accompanying. The process begins with the disassembly of the organ by its builder, the Holtkamp Organ Company (www.holtkamporgan.com). The organ will then be shipped to Ohio, where Holtkamp will begin the needed work. Once finished, the organ will be shipped back to St. John’s for reassembly. Completion of the project is expected mid-summer.

To Donate:

To donate to the St. John's organ project, please bring your check by the church office or donate online, designating "St. John's Organ Project" in the comments section on the online giving page.

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Organ Disassembly

Holtkamp Organ Company arrived on May 9 to begin the disassembly. Over the course of about a week exciting things happened! To see them in action view our exciting disassembly video here.

Benefit Recital Recording

On March 5 musicians from St. John's presented a recital to raise money for the St. John's Organ Recital. To listen to the recital, please click here.

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Organ Tours

Work on the organ has begun! Organ tours have concluded. Stay tuned for reinstall information coming soon!

A letter from our organist, Clint Barrick:

St. John's is a wonderful church made up of wonderful people who are, in my view, are the hands, feet, and body of Christ in our community.  This church's benevolence to our neighborhood and community is a source of wonder and awe to me.  We have great assets within our walls that we use to carry our ministries beyond the walls of our church: the food voucher program, clinics and resources, family promise...the list goes on.  We also have great assets for worship: a great Sunday School for our kids, great worship services, and great music.  Sunday after Sunday.  I can't say enough about our choir, its personnel and leadership, our bell choir, and our children's choir (that you'll get to hear very soon in worship!).  We also have a great organ.  It does so much to help lead in worship.  It's a visually imposing presence in our sanctuary, and it is a delight to hear every Sunday: welcoming us to worship, leading the hymns, accompanying the choir, and sending us out into the world.

This masterpiece of organ building has been with us for twenty-five years.  A quarter of a century!  Just think how many Sundays that is, how many recitals, weddings, and funerals.  After twenty-five years, it's time for a little love and maintenance.  

When Roy Wilson stepped down from his duties here at St. John's, Archie approached me about playing, at least on an interim basis.  I had a chance to play the organ for a few weeks and it quickly became apparent to me that our Holtkamp organ was and is an extraordinary instrument.  It was also obvious that there were some maintenance issues that would need to be addressed.  I mentioned this to the SPRC when I was hired and I was happy to hear from them that when the time was right, I should let the appropriate people and committees of the church know honestly what needed to be done.  That time has come.  There are now playability issues that, while annoying right now, will soon become critical.

I reached out to Chris Holtkamp, whose company built this organ in 1991. He came to Lubbock and he and I spent two days going through the organ: top to bottom, side to side, front to back.  We literally went over everything.  We also had time to talk about how the organ is used both as an instrument for worship, and as a vehicle for teaching and recitals.  Over a period of months we negotiated what we feel is the best plan forward for the organ for the next quarter of a century.  

Well, what is that going to cost?  I wish organs were cheap...  After discussions with the Trustees, the Finance Committee, and the Administrative Council, we would like to ask the congregation of St. John's for $70,000 to accomplish St. John's Organ Project.  This figure, together with funds from a bequest to the church, will allow the needed maintenance and refurbishment to take place, with a few additional pipes to aid in service playing and accompanying.

This work is officially scheduled to take place in the late spring of 2018, although it is possible a spring 2017 date might come open in the Holtkamp workshop, depending on whether another church meets its fundraising goals.

What specifically needs to be done?  Well, I'm going to try my best to explain everything in a series of organ infomercials that we'll do approximately every other Sunday in worship.  I would love for everyone here to have a real understanding of how the organ works!  How the pipes play, what the keyboards do (did you know this organ has 4?).  What does the action do, what do the electrics do?  What are those cool shutter things that move back and forth?  The pipes that you see in the front - do they play?  We're going to take a good look at all of it.  I'm also going to invite every one of you to come with me and go inside the organ.  There's not a lot of room, so we will probably have to do a one-at-a-time kind of deal.  Maybe we'll have a sign-up sheet.  It's important for you to know in a tactile sort of way, what the St. John's Organ Project is going to accomplish.  And, how we're going to get there.  The organ has served magnificently for a quarter of a century, let's fix it up for the next quarter century.  It's a tremendous capital asset and, for me, an irreplaceable worship asset.  Jeannie and I would like to show that "we're in" and I hope you will be, too.  


Thank you!

Clint Barrick