Service through Leadership

Here are our current committees and members. 


Church Council

Church Council is a group consisting of the chairs of each church committee. Feel free to reach out to any of the below with questions or to get involved.

Chairperson-John Hanson
Staff Parish Relations Committee Chairperson-Sandy Goodloe
Board of Trustees Chairperson-John McCollum
Finance Committee Chairperson-
Worship Committee Co-Chairpersons-Elyse Kahler, Benjamin Finlayson
Nurture and Care Committee Chairperson-VelvetLee Finckbone
Reconciling Committee Chairperson-Brian Shreck
Church Historians-Sally Abbe, Cindy Martin
United Methodist Women President-Tess Jackson
United Methodist Men President-Dwight Finckbone
Associate Pastor of Student Ministries-Shiloh Morris
Director of Music Ministries-Justine Halamicek
Director of Youth Ministries-Lindsey Sobehrad
Director of Children's Ministries-SyLinda Evans
Director of University Ministries-Alexandra Mindiola
Lay Delegates to Annual Conference-Craig Rutherford, Shiloh Morris, Darrell Vines, Mary Vines
Alternate Lay Delegates to Annual Conference-Charlotte Sessom, Frank Goode


Committee on Lay Leadership 

Charlotte Sessom, Justin Nelsen, Mark Halamicek, Sharla Boyd


Worship Committee

Elyse Kahler, Benjamin Finlayson, Justine Halamicek, Robby Vestal, Jared Horsford, Gloria Hille, Lindsey Sobehrad


Connexions Committee

Laura Young, Andrea Beaudin, Michael Jordan, VelvetLee Finckbone, Justine Halamicek, Shiloh Morris, Alexandra Mindiola, Lindsey Sobehrad, John Hanson


Education Committee 

Elyse Kahler, Benjamin Finlayson, Justine Halamicek, Robby Vestal, Jared Horsford, Gloria Hille, Lindsey Sobehrad


Finance Committee

Roy Goodloe, Charlotte Sessom, John Hanson, Sandy Goodloe, John McCollum, Ron Chandler, Bryan Sessom, Sherida Hibbard, Michael Jordan


Nurture and Care Committee 

VelvetLee Finckbone, Paige Wood, Nancy Cammack, Mary Vines, Nancy Krebbs, Miranda Verkamp, Dwight Finckbone 


Staff Parish Relations Committee

Sandy Goodloe, Charlotte Sessom, Craig Rutherford, Wesley Orr, Roger Saathoff, LesLee Taylor, Sally Abbe, Amy Johnson-Rubio


Board of Trustees 

John McCollum, Ron Chandler, Sarah Nuckolls, David Cranford, Robert Wood, Leisa Goode, Dan Boyd, Margie Sorley, Roy Goodloe


Reconciling Committee

Brian Shreck, Laura Young, John Hanson, Philip Ford, Nick Smith, Mary Vines, Darrell Vines, Betty Dotts, Megan Howard, Allison Cattell, Meredith Abbe