Sunday School Classes


St. John's welcomes children! The desire is that all children who come to St. John's will experience God's love in such a way that they will want to share the love with others. The nursery meets in Room 117. Toddlers are in Room 121, and three and four-year-olds are in Room 123. Elementary children participate in a Rotation Sunday School Program, where they grow in their Christian experience in a variety of settings: Computers (Room 220), Games and Music (Room 221), Cooking and Science (Room 222), Art (Room 223), and Video and Storytelling (Room 225). Children move from one area to another by age groups. Each area has a "lead teacher" who prepares and presents lessons, while a "shepherd" rotates with the children for continuity.


Middle school and high school youth have a special place at St. John's. Middle schoolers meet in the "Junior High Drive" (Room 211) and senior high youth meet in the "Parking Lot" (Room 212) for Sunday School classes. All youth have access to the "Recreation Route" (Room 213) for activities and the "Parking Lot" (Room 212) for informal discussion and fellowship.

University Students

University students meet in the "Parking Lot" (Room 212) for lunch and discussion following the 10:30 worship service.


Eight adult Sunday School classes meet regularly; and additional short-term studies are offered during the Sunday School hour throughout the year. Regular classes are structured both by age and by areas of interest; everyone has more than one class in which they are comfortable!

There is a class for everyone at St. John's. All classes enthusiastically welcome guests and new members.

Adult Sunday School Classes

Aldersgate (Room 122) offers a discussion format, using a variety of resources. The class sometimes tackles controversial issues. Darrell Vines, assisted by class members, is the lead teacher. Outreach projects include the Heifer Project, Habitat for Humanity, Meals on Wheels, and Vacation Bible School. Class member ages range upward from 45 years.

Animus (Room 227) members gather to gain a better understanding of Bible teachings and how to incorporate those lessons into everyday life. Using a variety of study materials with a focus on contemporary issues and Bible study, each member is encouraged to join in the rotation of teaching duties and class leadership so that members learn from each other. Class membership includes singles and couples, with and without small children.

Fellowship (Room 111) is a singing, learning, active group of retired folks, who are far from retiring. The curriculum guide is Adult Bible Studies taught by a team of teachers and guests. Members come from a variety of interesting professional backgrounds but are far more interested in enjoying their current life than reflecting much on the past!

Koinonia (Room 224) gathers around two central purposes: First, to form deep communion and care for one another, and second, to explore all aspects of the Christian life with open hearts and minds. Class members rotate facilitating of discussion from a variety of resources. Members are mostly young and middle-aged couples, but everyone is welcome.

New Beginnings (Room 219) is a diverse group of seekers/ searchers on a faith journey. Key issues discussed are our attitudes of holiness, perfection, diversity, scripture, God, sin, church, worship, theology, mercy, justice and polity. The discussion is facilitated by class members.

Open Door (Room 115) reads and discusses a variety of books in class. Class members share in facilitating the lesson. Support for Meals on Wheels, Family Promise, and various mission projects are an important part of class worship expression. The class includes older adults, married and widowed, with grandchildren and greatgrandchildren.

Shepherd (Room 116) is a group of all ages and backgrounds whose basic text is the Bible, whose primary rule is openness and respect, whose process is listening to one another, whose principle is to welcome all persons and ideas, whose learning approach is conversational, and whose final minutes invite input by all class members. Norman Bert designs the curriculum and facilitates the class with members substituting as needed.

Sine Nomine (Room 112) enjoys Bible study on a variety of current and historical issues. This group of 30-somethings to 70-somethings includes an assortment of inquisitive individuals willing to share their diverse opinions relating to difficult questions facing Christians today.